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Our Markets

SMB Legal Counsel is experienced in multiple niches, including dietary supplement, commercial real estate, service industry, and international manufacturing and distribution.

Dietary Supplement

Both finished dietary supplement products and dietary ingredients must follow specific regulations, which can be overwhelming for a non-legal professional. SMB Legal Counsel is experienced in FDA regulations and can help you with

  • Intellectual property, NDAs, and licensing

  • FDA regulatory & compliances, HACCP regulations, GMP regulations

  • Factory SOPs, subcontracting agreements, packaging, and labeling

  • Marketing, labeling, and advertisement review


Commercial Real Estate

SMB Legal Counsel’s real estate lawyer can help you navigate through the rapidly-evolving commercial real estate world, including challenges that rose with the Covid-19 pandemic, including:

  • Acquisition, selling, real estate transactions and DIRT law

  • Construction agreements, OSHA regulations, compliances

  • Environment, Health, and Safety (EHS)

  • Leases, defaults, foreclosures

And any other challenges you may face.

Manufacturing & Distribution

We can help expand your legal team’s bandwidth or step in as an outside counsel to help you navigate through compliances, regulations, and other legal challenges:

  • Intellectual property, NDA, and brand protection

  • GMP-compliant SOPs, OSHA regulations, and other compliance

  • Real Estate

  • General Counsel


Service Industries

Enjoy comprehensive legal support and on-demand advisory without exhausting your legal budget. Improve flexibility and resilience with SMB Legal Counsel. Our attorney for professional service providers can safeguard you through

  • Business formation

  • Commercial contracts

  • Labor, employment, and subcontracting

  • Regulatory and compliance

  • Data privacy and NDA

We also provide general legal advisory services according to your business needs.

Find a Trustworthy Legal Counsel in Your Niche

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