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General Counsel

Let our attorney help you with your comprehensive legal needs. Hire us as your in-person or virtual general counsel. We will advice on complicated legal matters and help you navigate through crisis situations.

What We Do

SMB Legal Counsel can step in as your chief legal advisor and work with your internal team.
As your general counsel, we will handle everything including​

  • Compliance Planning

  • Information Governance

  • Contract management

  • Legal Strategy Planning

  • Marketing Legal review

Why Hire SMB

Small and mid-sized businesses often struggle with finding the right legal support as many of them lack the financial ability to hire an in-house general counsel. That’s when SMB Legal Counsel comes into the picture.

When you appoint us as your General Counsel or Chief Legal Officer, you’re tapping into our 9 years of experience and in-depth knowledge legal and industry knowledge. As an experienced business law firm in Texas, we have worked with businesses of all sizes in various industries. Therefore, you can trust us to navigate you through complicated legal situations and always keep you prepared for the future.


Hire Us to Be Your
General Counsel

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