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Corporate Business Attorney
in Texas

Hire SMB Legal Counsel as Your Corporate General Counsel

Corporate businesses often encounter complicated legal challenges. Therefore, you need an experienced corporate attorney to help you stay compliant and protected. SMB Legal Counsel is knowledgeable in commercial contracts, corporate governance, intellectual property, and compliance management, and risk management. Free yourself from legal concerns and focus on staying competitive in your industry.

Our Services

As your general counsel, SMB Legal Counsel can provide legal advice on various matters and guide your in-house team to resolve whatever challenge you may face.

Additionally,  our business attorney can also help you with

  • Website and marketing review

  • Compliance planning

  • Intellectual properties

  • NDA, subcontractor agreement, and employment

  • Forming subordinate companies

  • Commercial real estate

  • Contract management


What to Expect

We make your business top priority. When you work with us, you will receive undivided attention, professional legal support, and dedicated education and explanation to help you or your team navigate legal challenges more effectively.

Our experience, conduct, and results are recognized by Super Lawyers®, a Thompson Reuters affiliate.

Helping Businesses in Texas and across the Nation Face Legal Challenges with Confidence

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