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Business Formation

Are you planning to form a new business in Texas? Working with a business attorney who is familiar with the local regulations and markets could be key to getting a headstart!


Our Capabilities

SMB Legal Counsel is an experienced business formation law firm in Texas working with various types of businesses and individuals. We will help you through the entire formation process, starting with helping you identify the most appropriate structure for your business.

Sole Proprietorship

We will help you register an Assumed Name so you can function under a business name other than your legal name as a sole proprietor. However, we do not suggest you to move forward with sole proprietorship due to the personal liability included.

LLC Formation

Let us handle registration and filing for your LLC in Texas so you know your business is on good standing. We will also help you prepare the fundamental paperwork needed on the federal and state levels.

S Corp/C Corp

Have a million dollar idea? Incorporation might be the perfect choice for your business!

Let our business formation attorney explain the difference between S-Corp and C-Corp and help complete the incorporation process with no sweat.


Step 1

Choosing the Structure

New to the business world?  SMB Legal Counsel will help you choose the most suitable business structure. Let us educate you on the advantages and disadvantages of each type of business entity and help you understand why you should format your business a certain way.

Step 2

Paperwork Preparation

Our business formation attorney will help draft all necessary legal documents for creating a new business in Texas, including articles of incorporation, partnership agreements, operating agreements, and bylaws. Let us handle the hassle of filing and registration! You don’t have to deal with all the government agencies.

entity formation lawyer in Texas LLC formation signing paperwork

Step 3

Compliance & Regulations

SMB Legal Counsel is knowledgeable in compliance and regulations. Hire us as a virtual general counsel to provide you the comprehensive legal support you need.

Our commercial lawyer is ready to keep you compliant with employment laws, tax laws, and other state and federal regulations.

Step 4

Legal Advisory

Let our business and startup attorney advise you on how to structure your new business to limit personal liability and minimize risk, navigate the complex legal requirements associated with starting a new business, and provide ongoing legal advice to ensure the company stays in compliance with applicable laws and regulations.

small business legal advisory attorney SMB Legal Counsel

You're One Step Away from Forming Your Business

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