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Commercial Contract

Your business contract lawyer at SMB Legal Counsel is here to build you a robust arsenal of legal documents that will protect you every step of the way, whether you’re dealing with clients or handling internal and HR challenges.

Who We Help

SMB Legal Counsel is experienced, professional, and knowledgeable. We are comfortable handling various complicated business contractual needs to take the legal document pressure off your plate.


Manufacturers, especially international manufacturers often work with large-scale projects. Therefore, you need to ensure your paperwork is in place, compliant, and thorough.


With our experience in the manufacturing industry, we will ensure your manufacturing agreements, supply agreements, distribution agreements, licensing agreements, NDAs, and any other contractual documents are properly drafted, reviewed, and always updated according to the latest legislation.


We will also help you identify potential legal issues in your existing contracts and upcoming agreements, assist you in negotiating more favorable terms, and explain your obligations and rights under contracts you sign with other parties.


Commercial Real Estate

Commercial real estate professionals often need to handle a wide array of partnerships. Therefore, having a trustworthy commercial lawyer on your side will protect you and your clients and ensure the smooth proceed of your transactions.

Our commercial real estate attorney can help you draft, review, and negotiate better terms for purchase and sales agreements, leasing agreements, property management agreements, financing agreements, and other legal documents you need. 

Dietary Supplement

The commercial lawyer at SMB Legal Counsel can help oversee all your contractual documents from manufacturing agreements, NDAs to distribution agreements.

We are also experienced in helping dietary supplement companies with protecting their intellectual property and help manage your licensing agreements. If you plan on incorporating eCommerce into your business, we can also help with online sales agreements.


Let Our Contract Lawyer Take Care of Your Papers

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