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Click on the calendar to book an appointment.

           An $85.00 non-refundable deposit must be paid before our first initial consulation.  Upon execution of a fee agreement, that $85.00 deposit will be applied to your 1st one hour of services, and the time used for the consultation will not be billed to you.  If you do not choose to engage the Firm, the deposit will be applied to the time used to prepare for the consulation. 

              During the Conultation we will use this time to establish goals and align expectations.  I will address any legal questions that you have, and we will discuss a plan to achieve success. Please note that a legal consultation does not create any attorney-client relationship. Before the Firm can provide additional legal advice to any person or entity, and before an attorney-client relationship is formed, the Firm must have a signed fee agreement with a client setting forth the Firm’s scope of representation and the fees that will be charged.

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